Salil Kanitkar

"No story lives unless someone wants to listen" - JKR

Senior Software Engineer @ LinkedIn, Sunnyvale.

(1) Senior Member of Technical Staff @ VMware, Palo Alto.
(2) Intern @ Cisco, San Jose
(3) Software Engineer @ Marvell, Pune, India.

(1) Maters from North Carolina State University
(2) Bachelors from PICT, Pune, India.

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Open Source Contribution:
One patch accepted upstream by Wireshark. :-)
* About me:
I am originally from Pune, India. A true Punekar at heart methinks :)

* Hobbies/Interests et al: Books, Movies, TV Shows! I blog (fairly regularly) at

* I am a part of Dreamz Group - we used to mentor final year undergraduate projects at PICT.